A model for excellence in nonprofit programs and services

There are many things that set our nonprofit organization apart. We take an entrepreneurial approach to solving problems and understand how to quickly drive impact in our community. As an example, our tax services program, in its first year, has become the Highest Rated Tax Service in San Antonio.

How did we do that?

It starts with the way we view the people we serve. The overarching mindset in business is to be "consumer" or "customer" focused, an approach we deem to be indicative of a transactional relationship. When developing our programs, we design the client experience to be the start of ongoing and long-term relationship. We don't have customers, we have members and clients, because we are truly vested in the well-being of the people we're serving. We treat our programs as platforms for engagement.

Our model for developing programs with excellence in service is called C.A.R.E.

C - Community & Client Focused

We put our community and the client at the center of what we do, thinking from their perspective. Our nonprofit structure allows us to put the client first and do the right thing for our community.

A - Action Oriented

We are doers. We are not afraid to try new things and fail. We run to the problem with solutions in hand.  We maintain a "not a problem” attitude and we do everything we can to assist our clients.

R - Relationship Building

We are here to stay. We understand that every interaction is an opportunity to build relationships that will establish the legacy of our organization. Our programs are platforms for engagement, and engagement is about actively listening to what your client needs and want. The simple act of listening allows you to have a deeper understanding of a client's situation and thereby forming a stronger bond.

E - Exceed Expectations

Our reputation is built on service. It’s what sets us apart. With every interaction, we strive to provide an outstanding experience. Exceeding expectations is about setting and maintaining the highest bar of service to our clients. Especially in the case of charitable organizations like ours where the constituency is usually not in the position to reciprocate in any form, when you choose to provide excellence in programs and services it reframes the way your audience thinks about themselves and how they should be treated.