Let's Talk About Money!

It’s time to break the social taboo on talking about money. Money is something every person is dealing with. It can provide a sense of pride and security but, more likely, it is a source of anxiety, stress, and even shame. This is why it’s important to talk about your finances with family, friends and colleagues. With everyone you know having dealt with money, their experiences may answer some of your questions or at least give you further insight.
Start small by bringing a few of you questions casually to your friends and family. Talk to whoever makes you feel comfortable. Your finances are your responsibility, so make them a priority. Create a list of financial goals, questions, and topics to research. Again, talk to other people. Talk to an expert, listen to their advice and continue having conversations!
While it’s not always an easy subject, not talking about money is probably costing you more than you think. If you don’t discuss things like salaries, bonuses, pay rises, you may not realize you are being underpaid or missing out on other financial opportunities. You don’t have to use exact numbers but you are allowed to talk about finances. Talk about retirement. If you have no idea what a 401(k) is, ask about it. Discuss your mutual fund choices with your friends. Help motivate each other to save and be accountable for achieving your financial goals! Your finances won’t change over night. However, they can improve by engaging in healthy discuss and proactive financial practice.