Our Programs

Every program in our portfolio has a unique way of contributing to the overall mission of our organization. Each program objective is designed to be aligned with tenants derived from our mission and goals.

Community Workshops

Our Community Workshop program is how we provide real and practical resources for people to understand how to manage their finances. Personal Finance topics covered include; Basics in Budgeting, Managing Credit, Investments, Insurance, Car Buying, Home Buying, to name a few.  Also, we understand that having the proper training and skills to find gainful employment is a major key to financial stability. Through our job training and placement program we seek to educate community members on how to build their resume and on effective interviewing practices.

Local Leaders

Empowering our community through local success stories, we've designed Local Leaders to be a platform for leaders across the city to share their background and give insight to how they got to where they are today. Part of our goal through this program is to inspire the next generation of leaders in our city to aspire and achieve more.

Tax Service

Our nonprofit tax service is our organization's flagship program and the basis of how we connect to the community. The conversations started as a result have gone on to have tremendous impact on the lives of our clients and their families. It's through this program we see the most immediate impact on the financial well-being of our clients. Through our licensing partner we are able provide these services at cost to our client's waiving certain fees for returns with gross income under $50,000. All of our program locations have certified tax personnel on site to assist with any tax matter. We are able to provide representation before the IRS or in court on audits, appeals, tax collection matters, and other tax disputes.